CEU Hosts First Annual Global Teaching Fellowship Program Reunion

Since the launch of CEU’s Global Teaching Fellowship Program (GTFP), an innovative outreach program in 2015, a total of 31 advanced doctoral candidates and recent doctoral graduates of CEU have taught at one of our 16 partner universities in Hungary and abroad.

The program started by CEU’s partnership with the American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan, which hosted three CEU Global Teaching Fellows teaching subjects in the fields of humanities, medieval studies, philosophy and gender Studies. In the 2016 spring semester another five fellows, and three universities joined the GTFP community, and today we can count partners in a total of 13 countries, including Hungary.

In addition to the 31 fellows who have already completed their Global Teaching Fellowship, another 16 future fellows with already confirmed fellowships for AY 2017/2018 were invited to the First Annual GTFP Reunion at CEU.

The cheerful group of 20 fellows, GTFP officers, along with CEU’s Provost/Pro-Rector Liviu Matei celebrated the success of the program above the city on CEU’s rooftop terrace on June 20. Fellows shared funny, remarkable, and sometimes shocking stories of teaching in Hungary, Europe, Asia or Latin America. The innovative teaching techniques of CEU fellows, who were prepared by the Center for Teaching and Learning, were appreciated by the bachelor and master’s students they taught around the world. Especially students in challenging parts of the world value education tremendously. Fellows who chose to teach at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong or one of the two partner universities in Myanmar reported the highest satisfaction with the program. They said they were able to make a real difference in students’ lives.

The Global Teaching Fellowship Program is a young, but highly ambitious project. Calls for Applications are open all year around, and every CEU doctoral candidate beyond the 3rd year of studies, and recent graduates in the two years following their graduation are encouraged to apply.

For more information, see https://acro.ceu.edu/global-teaching-fellowship-program-2