CEU’s Career Services Office Is First Administrative Unit to Win EU Funding, Co-hosts ERA Mobility and Career Day

As the first administrative unit of CEU to attract EU funds to the University, the Career Services Office participates in the project “ERA Mobility and Career Day”, funded by Horizon 2020. The initiative aims to promote the EURAXESS network, an initiative of the European Union and its member states, aiming at supporting mobility and career development and enhancing international collaboration within the European Research Area (ERA).

In 2016 CEU, in collaboration with two Hungarian organizations, the Association of Hungarian Women in Science, a civil society organization working closely with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the Hungarian EURAXESS bridgehead organization Bay Zoltan Ltd, successfully applied with a project entitled “CARERA - Supporting European research career choices and opportunities for students and researchers in Hungary” to host an ERA Mobility and Career Day at CEU in November 2017.  With a budget of €80,000, the event targets master’s and doctoral students and early career researchers in all Hungarian higher education, public and non-public research institutes and doctoral student associations.

The event will feature presentations about the European Research Area, services for researchers, skills development workshops, alumni mentoring sessions and an international fair hosting 15-20 employers representing both academic and private research sectors. The purpose is to help making careers in European research institutions more visible and hence attractive both for researchers in Europe, who are facing career decisions and for those who are currently outside the continent and might consider relocating.