CEU’s Summer Study Abroad Cultural Heritage Studies Program Welcomes Students from Turkey

A group of students from Koc University, Istanbul, attended the Summer Study Abroad Cultural Heritage Studies Program at CEU June 5-16.

The students, who came from KU’s College of Administrative Sciences & Economics, College of Engineering, and Law School, could select a combination of two modules in Ottoman Cultural Heritage, Central Europe, or Art Nouveau.

Professor Jozsef Laszlovszky, director of CEU’s Cultural Heritage Program and patron of the summer course, guided the students through the 2-week course. Lectures were offered by other CEU faculty as well, including Visiting Professors Gunhan Borekci, specializing in Ottoman heritage and in more particular, the Ottoman campaigns and the sieges of the castle of Eger, and Zsuzsanna Szalka, who gave an introduction into the practicalities of heritage management.

The summer course offered a number of visits to sites relevant to the Ottoman Empire, Central European heritage, and art nouveau, such as the Hungarian National Archives, the Budapest History Museum, the Liszt Academy, or the House of Hungarian Art Nouveau. During these visits, external experts showed the students intriguing features of the buildings and also some exciting documents – for instance, the original plans of the Chain Bridge of Budapest - and gave an introduction into heritage-related issues of the given location. The highlights of the program were the two field trips to the Danube Bend and Eger, where students got acquainted with regional aspects of cultural heritage, its protection and management. While the students were not used to such active outdoor lectures at their home institution, they reportedly enjoyed the program and the extracurricular activities as well.

Participating students will earn 6 ECTS credits upon submitting a satisfactory paper on a topic of their choice within the program modules.

This summer course was the first of its kind in the framework of a Bilateral Memorandum of Understanding signed by Koc University and CEU in 2015.

CEU and Koc University have developed a strong partnership. The institutions have worked together on research projects such as EU FP7 CUPESSE: Cultural Pathways to Economic Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurship: Family Values and Youth Unemployment in Europe; have an Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement; and present joint sessions on international higher education conferences such as APAIE in Taiwan in the spring, or the upcoming EAIE Conference in Spain.