CMDS Wins Google Funding to Develop Media Ownership Tool

With a €50,000 grant from the Google DNI Fund, CEU's Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) will develop a visualization tool for tracking and analyzing media ownership in Hungary according to political ties, ideology and interest groups. The free-to-use, publicly available tool will be designed for research and policy making purposes, but also for journalists and others interested in learning more about media ownership with the help of a user-friendly program. It is hoped that the tool will serve as a model for other countries.

CMDS will have one year to develop this innovative software, which is envisaged to be searchable, browsable and filterable, listing the media companies' revenues, profits and income from state advertising. The key innovative element of this tool is that it will be automatically updated with any new entries in the official company registry by scraping the new data.

The project team includes Attila Batorfy, resident CMDS fellow, Marius Dragomir, CMDS’s director, Eva Bognar senior program officer and Dumi Holdis, coordinator of the Center.