The CEU/Ambedkar School English Tutoring Program

July 11, 2017

The Ambedkar English Tutoring program was initiated by Head of CEU's Department of Mathematics and Its Applications Karoly Boroczky when he, together with a group of CEU math students, visited the Ambedkar School near Miskolc, Hungary in April 2016.

Ambedkar is what one of Ambedkar is what one of teachers there calls a "second-chance high school." The students are from the marginalized Roma population and are often segregated in public schools. Ambedkar students were so eager to absorb knowledge and break through barriers that Boroczky and his students were compelled to find a solution. Conversations with Laszlo Glonczi, one of the local teachers, paved the way for CEU to host Roma high school students from the Ambedkar School, now located in Miskolc, every month for English tutoring.