How to Find Accommodation in Budapest

August 15, 2017

Now that you’ve decided to make Budapest your base for the next 10 to 50+ months, let our Alumni Scholarship Recipients help you find a place to call home in the city.

Those of you who gained a place in the CEU Residence Center will find useful tips here. For those of you who’ll be staying elsewhere, the first rule is to start looking for an apartment as soon as possible. “There are many CEU and Erasmus students looking for accommodation right now, so do not waste time,” warns Iliana from Russia. It is crucial you do not make any commitments before seeing the apartment in person first.

Where to look

The CEU website offers valuable information about renting in Budapest, prices, popular districts and the legal procedure you’ll have to go through when renting at

Social media is your friend when looking for a flat to rent, Angel from the Philippines and Iliana recommend Facebook groups, such as and, Bear in mind that groups targeting international students may offer apartments at higher prices, though.

Ask your alumni chapter to connect you with CEU students from the previous year, Otto from Georgia suggests. Many fresh graduates who are leaving the city behind might find you the perfect candidate to take over their rented accommodation. You can also ask around in last year’s CEU Incoming Students Group on Facebook.


Our ASRs advise that a single apartment in the city center will cost you between 300 and 400 euro plus utilities, a room in a shared apartment 280-300 euro with utilities. Bear in mind that you have to pay a deposit, which usually consists of two months’ rent. Also, the cost will go up during winter because of heating, Angel warns. Ukrainian student Nataliia suggests that “if you have friends or relatives in Budapest, sign a friendship leasing agreement with them (ask the Student Leadership and Service Office for the form). This is the best option.”

Flat mates

Iliana recommends taking a look at the CEU Incoming Students Group on Facebook or, if you want to find flat mates. “It is easier to find a 2-3 room apartment and share, also cheaper and more fun.” Budapest is a popular destination for Erasmus students, Peruvian student Jose finds. “If you are a PhD student or an older MA student who is searching for peace and quiet, avoid renting a place with them. Search for an apartment with fellow CEU students instead. CEU students are very active and supportive,” he says.