CEU Students Volunteer at 1st International Roma Storytelling Festival

As a civic engagement initiative of CEU, four students, under the supervision of CEU’s Media & Visual Education Specialist, Jeremy Braverman, participated in the 1st International Roma Storytelling Festival on July 27-28th in Budapest. The event, organized by the Independent Theater Hungary, aimed to shed light on the values of Roma theatre, to draw attention to the situation of Roma communities, especially of Roma women, and to put exemplary life courses, role models and heroes in the spotlight.

The students, Judit Ignacz (MPA student in the School of Public Policy), Sadie Luetmer (Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology), Mayya Kelova (Department of Legal Studies), Frederik Orskov  (Department of History), worked in a video production team in the roles of Camera Operator, Sound Recordist, and Interviewer, recording interviews and audience discussions, and also served in the crew that recorded the performances.