New Units for Events, Space Management, Rental and Front Office

Two new units have been created, Event and Space Management and Space Rentals and Front Office Services in order to enhance the resources and efficiency of the event and support services that the University provides to the CEU community and visitors.

These new units will take over these services previously provided by the External Relations Office and the Space Planning and Operations Team.  A brief overview of the new units’ functions, staff members and contact details are below.

Event and Space Management

This new unit will be led by Zsolt Ilija, Interim Head. He will be joined by Andrea Csele, Special Projects Officer; Reka Balint, Events Coordinator; and Viktoria Endrody, General Booking Coordinator.  This team brings together the services which had been provided by the Space, Planning and Operations Team with the events coordination provided by the External Relations Office.  Learn more about the team and the services they offer for small and large scale events, here.

For general inquiries, the team can be reached at +36.1.327.3821 or

Space Rentals and Front Office Services

These new units will be led by Dora Sarosi, whose new title is Director of Residence and Conference Center, CEU Space Rentals and Front Office Services. Szilvia Bedo is now Space Rental Manager, focusing on strengthening and increasing CEU’s space rentals. Colleagues Agnes Dobos, Viktor Singer, Attila Halasz, and Kafiya Mahdi Said - will continue their work at the Front Office at Nador 15.

For general inquiries, the team can be reached at: 

Space Rentals:  +36.1.327.3825 or

Front Office: +36.1.327.3111 or

CEU continues to treat space as a valuable and finite resource. Following the first year of operation of the new buildings, the policies governing bookings from internal and external sources have been updated – use these policies and guidelines as a resource when planning for space needs:

-       CEU Space Booking Policy – CEU’s guidelines for managing internal booking requests and practical information for how to book space – accessible here after logging in.

-       CEU Space Usage and Rental Policy – describes the types of possible space booking within CEU, and in particular, how requests from outside partners are handled - accessible here after logging in.

-       Role of the Space Advisory Committee –This Committee is dedicated to reviewing all applications for space usage from external parties, who would like to link up in some way with a CEU academic department or administrative unit (e.g. conferences co-hosted with an association).  It approves the external partner using the space and any requested discounts.  As appropriate, the relevant CEU departments/units will be consulted regarding their interest in and the relevance of the external body.