SPP Offers Courses in Higher Education Policy to CEU Staff and Faculty

SPP is offering courses related to the field of Higher Education Policythis academic year, and all members of the CEU community are invited to register for them and attend them. The courses are the following:

1. SOPP 5115 - Higher Education Policy in the Age of Knowledge Society (Fall Term, 2 credits, Liviu Matei)



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Classes are scheduled as follows:

From 3:30-5:10 pm on September 27, October 4, 11, 18, 25, November 8, 15, 22, Dec 6

From 9:00-10:40 am on November 10 and December 1

All classes will be held in N15/102 Nimetz Room.

2. SOPP 5321 - Applied Research in Higher Education Policy and Practice I-II (Fall-Winter, 4 credits, Kata Orosz)



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All classes will be held on Mondays (starting Sept 18), 9:00-10:40 am in O (Oktober 6 utca 7)/234.

3. Higher Education and Public Policy (Winter Term, 4 credits, Marvin Lazerson and Norbert Sabic)


Detailed syllabus and schedule will be posted in December.

4. Economics of Higher Education


(Spring, 2 credits, Kata Orosz)

Detailed syllabus and schedule will be posted in December.

Find the detailed Fall term schedules here.

Teaching will start on the week of September 18. All courses will be introduced by Liviu, Kata and Norbert on Thursday, September 15 from 9:00 to 10:00 am in Oktober 6 utca 7, Room 102. We hope all those interested can come to this presentation session too. If you decide to take the courses (either for audit or for grade) you will need to register through Infosys at https://infosys.ceu.hu

Registration for the Fall term courses will be open from September 11 to October 1.

For more information on the schedule, contact Zsuzsa Agoston at agostonzs@spp.ceu.edu