Barabasi Wins Senior Scientific Award at 2017 World Conference of Complex Systems (CCS)

CEU Center for Network Science (CNS) Visiting Professor Albert-Laszlo Barabasi received the Senior Scientific Award last week at the 2017 World Conference of Complex Systems (CCS) in Cancun, Mexico. Barabasi was honored for his outstanding work in the field of complex systems.

After being presented with the award, Barabasi explained how to really understand a complex system - whether cells, diseases or societies - through measuring its properties and modeling them. 

"You can [then] predict the behavior of these and know how to control them," he said. 

When modeling a complex system the state of its components or properties is known. Then, to modify the state of a single component of the system implies to control the rest, since all of them are related to each other, he explained. 

The full announcement is available here (in Spanish):