CEU Showcases Diversity, Expertise at European Association for International Education Conference

CEU showcased its experience in internationalization in higher education this month at the European Association for International Education (EAIE) Annual Conference. Held September 12-15 in Seville, Spain, six CEU representatives presented to many of the 6,000 delegates from 95 countries on topics ranging from international alumni relations trends, and the international student life cycle, and the challenges internationalization policies face in a polarized world.

Photo: EAIE/Daniel Vegel.

CEU colleagues took the opportunity to personally thank the representatives of 100 institutions present that expressed their support for CEU during the #IstandwithCEU campaign. CEU colleagues also thanked the EAIE itself, one of the first international higher education organizations to express support for CEU publicly, in April 2017.

CEU, the only Hungarian university represented in the conference program, also exhibited together with 11 other Hungarian universities at the Study in Hungary booth, made possible by Tempus Public Foundation, a non-profit organization, established in 1996 by the Hungarian government to manage international cooperation programs and special projects in the field of education, training and EU-related issues. The other Hungarian universities were Budapest Business School, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Óbuda University, Semmelweis University, Szent István University, University of Debrecen.

CEU at the Study in Hungary booth. Photo: EAIE/Daniel Vegel.

Agnes Leyrer, Academic Cooperations Officer, and Monica Jitareanu, Global Partnerships Officer, presented on "Lessons learned in supporting the diverse employment prospects of PhDs," and "University programs for refugees: learning from one another."

Serge Sych, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Career Services and Alumni Relations, presented on "Staying global: international alumni relations trends and topics" and "Internationalization: seeing through the world's skeptical eyes."   

Daniela Craciun, doctoral candidate at the Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy, and International Relations at CEU, presented on "Reintegration and the international student lifecycle" as well as "A global map of national internationalization policies." Norbert Sabic, Strategic Planning Assistant at CEU, wrote a piece in the EAIE Conference Conversation Starter, now republished by University World News, entitled "The Story of an International University in Hungary."