Free Computer Courses Available for Staff and Faculty

September 27, 2017

CEU’s Computer and Statistics Center offers free computer courses for staff and faculty during Fall Term. The courses are now open for registration on Infosys (UIS).

- Statistics Primer (beginner statistics course based on Excel; offered only in Fall Term): Sept. 20 – Dec. 13, weekly on Wednesdays, 16.00-17.30 – STARTING SOON

- MS Office 365: Oct. 9-13 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 17.00-18.00

- SPSS (statistics) Group 1: Oct. 9-19, each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 16.30-18.00

- MS Word for Academic Writing: Oct. 24-27 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 17.00-18.00

- SPSS (statistics) Group 2: Nov. 13-23, each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 16.30-18.00

- MS PowerPoint - Guides for Good Presentations: Nov. 6-10 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 17.00-18.00

- MS Excel for Absolute Beginners: Nov. 20-24 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 17.00-18.00

- Introduction to Prezi (presentation software): Dec. 4-8 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 17.00-18.00

- Web Page Creation Beginner with WordPress: Nov. 27 – Dec. 6 (Mon, Wed, Fri), 16:45-18:15

Please note:

- these courses are primarily organized for students, they are not part of the Staff trainings organized by HRO. (Still they could be a convenient option.)

- registration goes on a first come first served basis.

- the classes are held in a computer lab, places are limited.

- Consider the Pass requirements and sign up only if you have the possibility and will to fulfill them.

- staff and faculty should observe the Add/Drop deadlines.

- The same courses will be offered in Winter and/or Spring Terms as well (except Statistics Primer).


Infosys (UIS) is the official platform to register for our courses though not all CEU members have a UIS account. For smooth operation, those participants who have no UIS account can get one from the UIS support.

Sign-up process for Staff and Faculty

Register as soon as possible. Check the precise deadlines for each course on UIS (Special Add-Drop Date).  

If the course is overbooked, there is a waitlist. Notification email about applicants’ status progress may arrive from the sender UIS and/or CompCenter Staff. Status updates are available any time on UIS.

For more information,  do not hesitate to contact Erika Mathe, Coordinator at the Computer and Statistics Center, on + between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.