Hungarian Scholars, CEU Faculty, Doctoral Students Co-author Article Published in Scientific Reports

Climate of doubt: A re-evaluation of Büntgen and Di Cosmo’s environmental hypothesis for the Mongol withdrawal from Hungary, 1242 CE, an article co-written by scholars from various Hungarian institutions, CEU faculty and doctoral students, has been published in Scientific Reports in response to a scholarly hypothesis developed by two leading scholars from Switzerland and Princeton University.

The authors, Beatrix Romhanyi of the Lendulet Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Zsolt Pinke of Szent Istvan University, and two doctoral students from CEU’s Department of Medieval Studies, Stephen Pow and Laszlo Ferenczi, and Jozsef Laszlovszky, professor in the same department, discuss the environmental and climatic issues related to the Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1241-42, and argue that the reasons for the Mongol’s sudden withdrawal from the country cannot be explained largely by environmental factors.

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