Revised Academic Staff Handbook Now Available

The revised Academic Staff Handbook approved by the CEU Senate has entered into force effective October 2, 2017.  

The Handbook can be accessed online in the CEU Document Repository at  Log in with  Microsoft ID and password to be able to view the document.

Academic Staff Handbook /summary of modifications/


  • Information about governance and organization of the University has been added.

Academic ranks:

  • Table of ranks has been streamlined and moved to Appendix 2;
  • Junior/senior faculty distinction has been eliminated and replaced with the list or relevant ranks;
  • Rank of ‘Practitioner in Residence’ has been eliminated;
  • Rights and benefits of Professors Emeriti have been clarified, and their eligibility for travel and research grants has been changed from ‘non-eligible’ to ‘eligible’.


  • A provision has been added that research fellows can be hired without an open search if they bring their own research funding;
  • A procedure for a horizontal move from a research to a faculty position has been specified.

Re-appointment and promotion:

  • Re-appointment and promotion criteria have been streamlined, specifically, the process has been clearly separated into two steps: (1) re-appointment review; and (2) promotion review;
  • The Rector’s role as having the final authority in all re-appointment and promotion cases has been clarified in a few instances where some ambiguity remained;
  • Two university-wide Re-appointment and Promotion Committees (one for academic departments, one for schools) have been merged into one;
  • Non-research track has been eliminated – see the accompanying Senate resolution for details;
  • Procedures for (re)appointment and academic review of Professors of Practice have been aligned with those of Associate and Full Professors;
  • The 10-year teaching experience requirement for appointment to the Hungarian ‘egyetemi docens’ rank has been removed (due to the corresponding revision of MAB guidelines);
  • Deadline for periodic review has been moved from December 31 to November 30.

Residence, workload and research leave:

  • Class minimum for masters courses has been increased from five to six students;
  • Supervision maximums have been revised from six (doctoral students only) to five doctoral and five graduating master’s students, with some flexibility left to academic units;
  • A clause has been introduced that the waived credits (e.g. for unit headship) also count towards the research leave;
  • Regulations about unpaid leave have been added.

Other changes:

  • Information on faculty benefits has been added;
  • References to departments and schools have been eliminated or replaced with references to academic units;
  • References to research centers have been replaced with references to research units;
  • Handout on Reviewing Applicants has been moved to a separate document (former Appendix 1);
  • Definitions moved from the introduction to the end (new Appendix 1);
  • Course and supervision evaluation forms have been moved into separate documents;
  • Links to other relevant policies have been built in;
  • Other changes in organization of sections, elimination of redundancies, consistency of language, and formatting.