Sinatra Wins ISI Fellowship

November 7, 2017

Roberta Sinatra, assistant professor at the Center for Network Science and the Department of Mathematics and Its Applications at CEU, has won a three-year fellowship at the Institute for Scientific Interchange (ISI).

The ISI Fellow program selects top scholars to be external members of the ISI Foundation research community, in order to collaborate on scientific problems that span across disciplines (math, physics, biology, social sciences, humanities) in the pursuit of breaking new grounds at the forefront of complex systems and network science, data and computational science, information technologies, computational epidemiology & public health, and statistical physics.

The ISI Foundation – Institute for Scientific Interchange – was established in 1983 by the Regione Piemonte. Its core mission is the promotion of scientific research within the international cooperation, fostering the creation of research groups and of innovative and interdisciplinary labs, with a special focus on the science of complex systems.

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