CEU Buildings Win Honorable Mention in Architecture Competition

CEU's new Nador 13 and Nador 15 buildings received an honorable mention award in the annual architecture competition held by the Chamber of Hungarian Architects, with the support of the City of Budapest. The competition aims to recognize significant architectural contributions to the cityscape and demonstrate the exemplary cooperation among partners that is necessary for high-quality design and execution.

From the video inviting guests to the Hungarian Chamber of Architects awards ceremony.

Architecture firm O'Donnell + Tuomey Ltd., represented by architects Sheila O’Donnell, John Tuomey, and Mark Grehan were named for the prize, along with Hungarian partner Teampannon Kft. and its architect Mate Hidasnémeti.

Mate Hidasnemeti of TeamPannon accepts the award. Photo: BEK

"Old and new elements live side by side in an organic way, as do the architectural elements representing the Budapest and Anglo-Saxon cultures," the Chamber said in its laudatio. Regarding the extraordinary attention given to sustainability, "not only through mechanical solutions but through architectural solutions also optimize the buildings' operations. The cooperation between the Irish and Hungarian teams was exemplary."

In the video presenting the 17 competitors, the focus is on CEU's roof garden as an example for the entire downtown - See the video below from 0:49 (in Hungarian).