Szende Lectures on Late Medieval Hungarian History at the University of Vienna


Associate Professor Katalin Szende, head of the Department of Medieval Studies at CEU, gave a lecture at the University of Vienna November 2 as part of a series on Hungarian history organized jointly by Collegium Hungaricum Wien, the Institut für Osteuropäische Geschichte and the Institut für Österreichische Geschichtsforschung at the University of Vienna.

The organizers made a point of “inviting leading historians from the most important Hungarian teaching and research institutions,” and it is an honor for CEU to be represented in the series. The previous lecturer, Attila Barany is also an alumnus of the Department of Medieval Studies. Szende’s lecture was titled “Von Mohi bis Mohács. Geschichte Ungarns im späten Mittelalter zwischen Blütezeit und Bedrohung“ (From Mohi to Mohács. History of Hungary in the Late Middle Ages between Magnificence and Menace).

Below please find links to the poster and brochure describing the series.