Shaar Named 'Expert to Watch on Reconstruction in Syria'

AlHakam Shaar, Richard Holbrooke Fellow at CEU's Shattuck Center of Conflict Negotiation and Recovery, has been named an "Expert to Watch on Reconstruction in Syria" by Syria Deeply. Shaar is part of a team at the Shattuck Center at the School of Public Policy that launched and operates  The Aleppo Project مشروع حلب, an open collaboration among Syrian refugees, students, academics, policy experts and others to come up with ideas on how to rebuild urban life after conflict.

"I owe it to The Aleppo Project مشروع حلب at CEU, and all those home and in exile who are a great source of inspiration with their deep and imaginative relationship with Aleppo," Shaar said. "I hope to be able to do better and more, always with an outlook on the free and dignified return of those forcibly displaced by Assad. These are often the ones whose homes have been destroyed. Without them reconstruction is flawed at its core."

Shaar is also pursuing a degree at CEU's Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology.