35 CEU Students Participate in Economics Training in CERGE-EI Cooperation

For almost a decade the Department of Economics and Business at CEU has participated in a joint fellowship program with Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economics Institute, Prague (CERGE-EI). So far, thirty-five CEU advanced doctoral students and recent graduates have benefitted from the opportunities provided by this cooperation, teaching at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE) Corvinus University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

CERGE-EI foundation supports those graduates who do not have full-time faculty appointments in Western-style institutions and teach large, introductory type undergraduate courses in local universities in 25 countries in Central Asia, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Caucasus.

The purpose of the grant is to attract people to the academic Institutions in the Central and Eastern European and other typically former socialist countries by making local university jobs more attractive financially. Students who participate in this program also attend a one-week training session in Prague during the summer at the expense of CERGE-EI.

This grant scheme is still running and it documents how the Department cares for providing its student with additional teaching skills above the requirements of the doctoral program.