CEU’S Cultural Heritage Program Awarded for Hosting European Heritage Days

The Cultural Heritage Studies Program at CEU has been awarded in recognition of the high standard of the activities offered at the European Heritage Days (EHD). The award, symbolized by a puppet, was awarded by the community of EHD organizers at a two-day meeting of local event organizers in Budapest in November.

On November 3, the first day of the meeting, Dora Merai, program coordinator of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program, gave a presentation about the EHD organization process and the activities offered at CEU, and hosted a guided tour of the CEU campus to all participants of the meeting, including Jelena Mocevic,  responsible for the European Heritage Day and the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the following day.

The Cultural Heritage Studies Program has coordinated the European Heritage Day event at CEU since 2014, in cooperation with the External Relations Office, Civic Engagement Office, and volunteers from the CEU community.