Winter Term Updates on the E-learning Site (Moodle)

December 6, 2017

Preparing the courses for the Winter Term

Winter courses have been prepared on the e-learning site. Find them in the appropriate (2017/18 Winter or main) folder of your department and in the “my enrolled courses” menu on (login with Microsoft username/password).

If this is not the case, send a request to Gabor Acs at with the name of the course, department, (optionally TA-s, co-teachers) and the course will be created. Also, if a course is recurring this year, there's no need to build it again from scratch.

Use the “import” function to copy previous content to the current course or send the details to Gabor Acs so that he can prepare and copy the contents for the current Academic Year.

Help about import

How to add a co-teacher or TA?

Course accessibility

2.   Reminder about notable new features

- The caching method of Moodle has been updated to a better, up-to-date method which makes complicated tasks much faster than before.

In case of any unexpected behavior after this upgrade, contact Gabor Acs, Computer and Statistics Center / Nador u. 11., 6th floor, room 606 / Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 /

- Assignment grading has a new display, and all PDF and Word submissions can be annotated directly in Moodle from now.

- Course header redesign: The redesigned “user management” menu allows all user related actions on one page.

- Main course forum – based on faculty feedback, the old News forum is changed. Students can use it now to start topics themselves, to ask important questions or reply to announcements.

- H5p – Create interactive presentations and videos with a new, user friendly method directly from Moodle. Note: the activities created could be used for practice activities only presently (no grading available). How to create one?

Find detailed help about Activities in the “Help” section of the footer. The Quickstart Guide covers the most important topics.

Quick start guide (PDF).

To learn more about the (new) functionalities or refresh your knowledge, request a quick training or consultation (dates available until December 5 and from early next year).

Gabor Acs, Computer and Statistics Center / Nador u. 11., 6th floor, room 606 / Office hours: 9:00 - 17:00 /