Aleksiev and Lolua Present CEU Academics and Their Books

Damian Aleksiev, doctoral student in the Department of Philosophy, and Ana Lolua, master's student in the Nationalism Studies program at CEU, have recently created a blog, entitled  ‘Academics and Their Books,’ featuring a series of conversations and photographs of CEU academics in their offices.

In the series, Damian and Ana explore the books and private objects present in the workspaces of CEU faculty as well as the stories behind them. These stories are intriguing, emotional and diverse, and they offer a glimpse into a more personal side of life in academia. Academics come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and communicate different perspectives to this project through the objects they present. Damian and Ana paid special attention to the gender aspect of the project, featuring strong women who had to fight their way to academia.

The project was part of the Visual Grammar course framework, taught by Didem Pekun, teaching fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study at CEU.

All photographs by Damian Aleksiev, all interviews by Ana Lolua. Blog design by Ana Lolua and Damian Aleksiev.