Happiness is a Piece of Cake

January 29, 2018

Since DeStress week is over, and the joy from Fur Therapy or the relief brought by the yoga sessions might start to fade away, this little guide of the best brunch places and confectioneries in Budapest might come handy trying to find your inner peace again. 


This out-of-the-way small confectionery is perfect to buy some instant happiness in the form of a matcha pancake (only available on Thursdays) or a dachshund-shaped chocolate biscuit filled with peanut butter rinsed by a frothy coffee. Though it’s not a dedicated brunch place, even their plates state that „Eating cake for breakfast is valid,” so don’t be shy and step by to grab a piece of cake whenever you have the urge.  

If you decide to take a seat at one of the few places, you will have the chance to read recipes while you eat, as the owner of Édesem has created a quite unique and charming design by covering the walls with sheets from recipe books.  

To guarantee high quality, cakes always change depending on the seasonality of fruits and other ingredients. Everything is freshly baked, so I would suggest you go in the morning, as the variety is much larger then.


This confectionery specializes in classic French desserts with a twist. At a given time they only prepare one kind of cake in ten different flavors, this is why it was named Monofu (mono+food). At the moment you can taste their tatins, an upside-down pastry filled with caramelized fruits. Normally, each type of dessert is on offer for a period of two-months, and they often have special weekends when they bring back one of their desserts from the past. Fingers crossed for the return of canelé, a pastry with a soft and tender custard center and thick caramelized crust, even if only for a couple of days. If you visit Monofu, trying out their pecan-tonka bean-blueberry flavor, which they usually offer in one form or another, is a must!


Who said that you can have brunch only in the morning? If you pop in to the lovely Zoska in the city center, a 15-minute walk from the university, you can enjoy their breakfast menu all day long from 7 am to 7 pm. Though my personal favorite to get there is American pancake with maple syrup and fruits with a big cup of flavored latte which they serve with a little animal-shaped biscuit, you should definitely try out their ’bundás kenyér tejföllel’, which is the savory, Hungarian version of French toast, served with sour cream, and fresh vegetables on the side (optional).


This one is quite pricy but it worth putting aside some money to try their imaginative creations. The menu changes every month, and there are usually 4-4 sweet and savory breakfast options. For instance, you can choose an Avo Sandwich (sourdough bread, avocado, pumpkin cream, shimeji salsa, ramen egg) or Banana variations (banana crusted milk loaf, white choc-banana salsa, choc-banana foam, banana kefir). The owners want you to spend some quality time with your loved ones, so asking for the Wi-Fi password is an absolute no-no and would get you some indignant looks and remarks that even Luke from Gilmore Girls would envy.

If you fancy a coffee, get one from Kontakt, which is just across the street and bring it back to Szimply. It is suggested on the menus as well, as the ladies at Szimply are total perfectionists and only willing to do what they are the best at: brunch. As baristas in Kontakt are perfectionists too, and they are very proud of their work, take my advice and never ever ask for sugar for your coffee, as you will offend them. Those coffees are perfect without sugar.

By  Beata Berkovics is an MA student in the Department of Economics and Business at CEU.