CEU Launches Community Engagement Office

January 30, 2018

Until recently, CEU has had three different units - the Civic Engagement Office, the Student Leadership and Service Office, and the Human Rights Initiatives Office (HRSI) - supporting, designing and implementing these activities separately, although they covered overlapping functions. The three units are now brought together as an integrated institutional structure to support civic commitment activities at CEU, and to strengthen CEU’s work in this area in line with our strategic plan.

As of January 2018, a single CEU Community Engagement Office was created, pooling the units’ resources and covering three main functions:

a. Civic engagement and connecting CEU with the Hungarian community
The Office will coordinate, assist in, and initiate broader civic engagement projects intended to benefit the larger Budapest and Hungarian community. Such projects will involve members of all CEU internal constituencies (students, faculty, and staff). Flora Laszlo, Deputy Director of the Office (laszlof@ceu.edu) will be primarily responsible for this function.

b. Student leadership and service
The Office will undertake and support outreach and service projects specifically for students, in addition to working on student events and with the Student Union. Bernadett Fekete and Eva Nagygyorgy (studentevents@ceu.edu) will coordinate activities in this area.

c. Dedicated human rights education and related activities
Colleagues working previously with HRSI, Zsofia Suba and Ana Belen Amil (hrsi@ceu.edu), will refocus specifically on such activities.

The head of the new unit is Emese Boldizsar (boldizsare@ceu.edu).

To support the growth of CEU's civic commitment priorities under this new structure, an increased budget has been allocated through which members of the CEU community can apply for funding for individual or group projects. Details will be shared in due course. The new Office is also supported in part by a generous grant from the Velux Foundations, which has helped funding our outreach related to Roma in the last two years. This area will remain central to the work of the new Office.