The CEU Open Learning Initiative - Weekend Program Calls for New Courses & Instructors

CEU’s Open Learning Initiative (OLIve) is seeking individuals or groups to develop and teach new courses for students who participate in the OLIve Weekend Program for refugees and asylum seekers. OLIve invites ideas from CEU faculty, staff and students along with local community members for courses for the new term, which runs from February 10 through June 30, over 15 teaching Saturdays. Ideally, the courses should be short, from 4 to 6 sessions.

Suggestions for courses are welcome on any topic or theme and from any academic discipline, which can engage and intrigue adult learners, utilize interactive learning, skill building, communication development and problem solving amongst a diverse student body. While all OLIve students speak some English, their level of previous education and language proficiency varies greatly. Proposed courses can be designed for all students or targeted to a specific group. Courses that are open to students who do not yet have a high level of English are particularly welcome.

OLIve invites course descriptions which utilize:

  • Gameification (learning through games, problem-solving, puzzles, team challenges and group work)

  • Interactive group learning (sessions which are not oriented as traditional lectures, but rather group inquiry, collaboration and discussion, capitalizing on visual and active learning)

  • Skill building workshops (practical workshops, hands on activities, movement based learning and education)

  • Outside of the classroom learning (courses which take place in locations around the campus)

  • Application Outline:
  • Send a less than one-page summary to, which includes:

  • A description of the proposed course (topic, orientation, activities and learning outcomes), how many sessions and desired time frame of sessions you can offer

  • A description of the organizing team and contact persons

  • While not a prerequisite, please describe any past experiences of teaching within a diverse group setting

  • A brief summary of why you think the proposed course will be beneficial to the students within the OLIve Weekend Program

  • Deadline for proposal submission is February 11.