Professional Journalism Will Survive the Post-Truth Era, Schudson Says

“If a lecture is titled in the form of a question, it’s fair from you to expect that somewhere along the way I will answer the question,”, professor Michael Schudson said in the opening of his public lecture “Can There Be Professional Journalism Post-Truth, Post-Trump, Post-Twitter?”, which was the inaugural session for a new university-wide course under the Intellectual Themes Initiative called “Journalism and Social Change in Historical Perspective,” jointly offered by the School of Public Policy and the Department of History and co-taught by CMDS fellow Dean Starkman and Constantin Iordachi. The question, however, may seem darker than it is, as Schudson, who is a renowned expert of the history of journalism, media sociology and political communication and a firm optimist, suggests “that professional journalism will survive the post-truth era because we actually aren’t in a post-truth era, it will certainly outlast Donald Trump and it’s already demonstrating that it can adapt, even thrive in a digital era.”