A World in One Room

A world in one room. Every step you make inside the room takes you to a different country or even a different continent. This is the room filled with the smell of different spices and sounds of different languages. This is the room filled with laughter, happiness and diversity. Welcome to a place where you can meet the beauty and soul of the world. Welcome to the CEU Intercultural Festival!

Every year since 2005, CEU has been proudly hosting Intercultural Festival, an event which was introduced with the aim of reflecting and promoting the diversity of CEU’s amazing student population. The event, organized by the CEU Student Union, is a wonderful opportunity for students to represent the countries they come from, their tradition, music, and cuisine. This year, on January 27, the fourteenth Intercultural Festival took place at the CEU dormitory gathering students from more than 100 countries from all around the world.

The Ukrainian group performing a song at the CEU Intercultural Festival. Photo: CEU / Daniel Vegel

Armenia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Georgia, Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Croatia, Philippines, Myanmar, US, Albania, Canada, Turkey, Serbia, Columbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania… Even if one tried to name all the countries participating at the Festival, one would not be able to since it would require a lot of space. After all, CEU is the second most international university in the world, so you can only imagine how many different countries we are talking about.

The Kazakhstan group at the CEU Intercultural Festival. Photo: CEU / Daniel Vegel)

All students participating at the Festival tried to give a sense of their cultures and teach us a bit more about the countries they were from. The interesting part was we not only had the opportunity to represent our own country, but we could join forces with our neighbors and share the common culture of our region. Thus, countries such as Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and South Sudan on the one hand, and the Balkan countries on the other hand, used this opportunity to represent their common culture together. There was a joint table of the Roma community as well, with a lot of delicious food.

Some of the offerings of Balkan table at the CEU Intercultural Festival. Photo: Anastasia Kachanova

The enchanting aroma of delicious food and different spices was spreading from every corner of the Budapest room where the Festival took place. However, participants had the opportunity not only to represent their food and drinks, but their dances and beautiful traditional clothes as well. Everybody could enjoy in spectacular performances and virtually visit different parts of the world for at least a couple of minutes. One could enjoy Peruvian music, Ukrainian song, Indo-Pak performance, Nepali dance, and many more. The inspired CEU community enthusiastically embraced all the performances and could not resist cheering joyfully.

The Indo-Pak group preforming at the CEU Intercultural Festival. Photo: CEU / Daniel Vegel)

At the end of the day, the best tables and best performances had the chance to win prices. The jury pronounced the "Ukraine" table and "Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and South Sudan" shared-table to be the best ones, while the best performances were "Indo-Pak" and "Peru".

Students representing the best tables and best performances at the CEU Intercultural Festival. Photo: CEU / Daniel Vegel)

The Intercultural Festival is indeed unique in its nature and represents one of the most amazing events at CEU. It is the day where all the world comes together at one place and diversity meets joy and happiness.

See more photos here and watch the video here

By  Milica Nesic, LLM student in the Department of Legal Studies.