Uitz and Sajo’s New Book Explores Why Constitutionalism Matters

Professor Renata Uitz and University Professor Andras Sajo, both of CEU's Department of Legal Studies, published “The Constitution of Freedom” with Oxford University Press, providing an overview of the history of the constitutional ideal, and the objective role it plays in sustaining democracy. In an age when constitutionalism and the system of checks and balances are increasingly challenged by populist leaders, this book aims to show what is at stake if we let the idea of constitutionalism falter.

With their book, Uitz and Sajo, former judge at the European Court of Human Rights, draw the attention of law students, politicians and the general public to the fact that constitutionalism is fragile and needs constant attention and care. “The Constitution of Freedom” provides an overview of both the theory and practice of constitutionalism, looking at classic constitutions, and 20th-century and contemporary implementations alike.

"We live in an age of disillusionment with constitutionalism. This book is just right for that age: Sajo and Uitz provide a comprehensive defence of constitutionalist principles and practices that moves beyond the naÃve enthusiasm of the last two decades and that is deeply informed by comparisons of different legal experiences around the globe. In a unique way, they take seriously the new scepticism about constitutions as political panaceas and yet make a sound case as to why they remain indispensable for enabling modern freedom," writes Jan-Werner Mueller, professor at Princeton University’s Department of Politics.