CEU InnovationsLab Team Hashtag School Secures Funding

CEU InnovationsLab team Hashtag School secured smart money funding at a 420 million-forint (77,000-euro) valuation under basic investor protection provisions. This arrangement and the white-label sales (a language school, university, elementary school, insurance company among others) will ensure that the digital education system will be developed to a new stage by mid-2018. The new features will include a fully gamified Learning Management System, a social module which will provide a safe space for students to study and cooperate with each other (no need for Facebook groups in education), an easy to use strategy game engine, a VoIP protocol and many other cool functions.

While still at a beta public version, the platform already hosts some 100 classrooms and 4,000 users.

As a social impact enterprise, the team intends to introduce a freemium system also under which the LMS features will be provided free of charge while the availability of CMS functions will be subject to a fee.

They are also looking for volunteers: teachers who would be interested in using the system in their CEU courses and students who would assist them in developing a subscription system, sales and scaling late 2018.