CEU Joins European Universities' Call for Future of Europe

CEU joined a group of European universities calling on the European Institutions, the Commission, Parliament and Council to act upon the wish of European citizens expressed in the Special Eurobarometer about the Future in Europe to remedy “unemployment, social inequalities, migration, terrorism and security issues, the public debt of Member States, insufficient economic growth and the ageing population”. These global issues cannot be solved without the contribution of social sciences and humanities. In its 2021-2027 funding cycle the universities are asking decision-makers to support multi-disciplinary collaborations by encouraging researchers to generate academic and societal impact; to recognize that all disciplines contribute to and inclusive and prosperous Europe; invest in high-quality SSH research and innovation; allocate 10% of the overall civil research budget to SSH.

For more information: https://www.ugent.be/en/research/position-papers/ssh-call.htm