CEU Alumna Szilagyi Receives Anonymus Prize

CEU alumna Magdolna Szilagyi (MEDS MA’06, PhD’13) received the Anonymus Prize, an award for young scholars working at the Institute of Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 

Szilagyi published her monograph On the Road. The History and Archaeology of Medieval Communication networks in East-Central Europe in 2014. She has also published numerous studies in historical and archaeological journals and collections. Her work is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, a thorough knowledge of the source and the context of the discussed phenomenon.

She is actively involved in the field research and in the creation of community and publication forums of Hungarian landscape archeology. Together with fellow CEU alumna Csilla Zatyko MEDS '95) she co-organized the “Landscape Archaeology in Hungary” conference at the Institute of Archaeology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in November 2017.