John Ryle Appointed to Prestigious George Soros Visiting Chair

CEU's School of Public Policy (SPP) announced the appointment of John Ryle as George Soros Visiting Chair for the Spring 2018 term.

Ryle is a writer, and Legrand Ramsey Professor of Anthropology at Bard College, New York and is co-founder of and lead researcher at the Rift Valley Institute (RVI), a research and public information organization. He has worked as a long-term social researcher in the Sudans and in Brazil, as a regional analyst for aid and human rights organizations in Africa and the Middle East, and as a writer, editor, film-maker, broadcaster and activist worldwide.

His course, entitled Doing Good Less Badly, examines current crises and emergency responses, focusing on narratives and case studies drawn mainly from the African continent.

The George Soros Visiting Chair was established with generous contributions from the friends and family of George Soros, the founder of CEU and of SPP, and the Honorary Chairman of the CEU Board of Trustees.