Call for Contributions to Workshop on the Financialization of Housing in the Semi-periphery

CEU’s Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, in collaboration with the Budapest-based Collective for Critical Urban Research (CCUR), will host the Financialization of Housing in the Semi-periphery workshop on July 20-22 in Budapest.

Housing is a central aspect of financialization, which the global financial crisis of
2008 made quite apparent. It also became evident that housing financialization is
a variegated and highly uneven process. While local variations are sometimes
reflected in the literature, there is a lack of a more systematic consideration of
how the unevenness of financialization is articulated in different locales of the
world economy.
The workshop aims to refine the notion of financialization as a “global”
phenomenon by examining the process in the context of semi-peripheral
economies. We treat financialization as part of the long history of capitalism and
uneven development, and invite theoretical contributions or case studies that:
- reflect on what a global semi-peripheral position implies for how housing
financialization unfolds;
- reflect on what these processes mean in terms of uneven development at
subnational and local scales.

Partners: the European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing, and the “Housing, social mobilizations and urban governance in Central and Eastern Europe” research project of Gothenburg University.

For more information, please see the attached poster.