Nadia Al-Bagdadi Appointed President of the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study

The Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NeTIAS) elected unanimously at its annual meeting on April 26th 2018 in Budapest its new President Nadia Al-Bagdadi, director of IAS CEU and Professor at the Department of History at CEU. Last week IAS CEU hosted and co-organized the annual meeting of directors and representatives of some 21 European Institutes and the conference of EURIAS fellows. Nadia Al-Bagdadi leads IAS CEU, which is also member of UbIAS and most recently of CHCI, since 2015.

NeTIAS is an informal European network which brings together 23 Institutes for Advanced Study across Europe. It was created in 2004 to stimulate a dialogue on IAS practices and possible forms of cooperation. Within the whole network, more than 500 researchers are hosted every year for up to one full academic year. NetIAS members share the objective of creating international and multidisciplinary learning communities. This openness and the freedom the fellows enjoy for their researches serve to promote scientific and intellectual exchanges.

Former presidents of the Network include Wim Blockmann (NIAS, Wassenaar), Krzysztof Michalski (IWM, Vienna), Simon Goldhill (CRASSH, Cambridge) and outgoing President Michal Linial (IIAS, Jerusalem). Since 2010 Olivier Bouin, director of RFIEA, is Secretary of the Network.