The Alumni Reunion Weekend of 2018

The Alumni Reunion Weekend was organized at CEU on May 3-5. It gathered Alumni Chapter Leaders from all over the world to discuss alumni volunteering activities. For many of the alumni it was also a chance to get together with their friends from different parts of the world, united by their alma mater. There was an enthusiastic and energetic feeling throughout the event.

The Alumni Reunion Weekend involved two days of Alumni Leadership Forum, which concentrated on alumni volunteering and alumni chapter activities. I found it very interesting to follow the discussions in this event, and to see how to stay engaged after finishing studies at CEU.

Besides this, alumni could meet with students in their field at the ‘Departmental Coffeehouses’, and attend the 'Back to School' lecture series. The weekend was busy for CEU alumni, but provided a lot of food of thought.

Some of the most important events of the Reunion Weekend were maybe the Spring Ball and the Pub Quiz. Alumni were delighted to find out that these kinds of events are happening at CEU nowadays – a sign of activity of current ASR volunteers and the staff.

Many of the alumni visited the new Nador 15 building for the first time, and attended guided tours to get to know it better. Indeed, the campus has changed a lot in the course of time. The alumni were also interested to get to know current students, and the Reunion Weekend provided a good opportunity for that.

Personally, I enjoyed meeting alumni and having the chance to find out organically what kind of things you can do with a degree from CEU. It was also interesting to show the alumni what kind of activities CEU’s been involved with lately.

Staying engaged in the form of taking part in the work of alumni chapters is a way to continue the relationship with CEU and the CEU experience. It can also provide opportunities to take part in such great events as the Alumni Reunion Weekend.

By  Jani Korhonen, alumni scholarship recipient and student in the Nationalism Studies Program at CEU