Monterescu Examines Jewish, Palestinian Identities in Jaffa Through Personal Stories

Daniel Monterescu, associate professor at CEU's Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology, published "Twilight Nationalism: Politics of Existence at Life’s Edge" with Haim Hazan, professor of anthropology at Tel Aviv University, with Stanford University Press. This examination of the city of Jaffa through the collective memory and life stories of its Jewish and Palestinian residents illustrates the complexity of national identity and how existential circumstances can supercede it in importance in people's lives.

""Twilight Nationalism" invokes the stories of ten of the city's elders—women and men, rich and poor, Muslims, Jews, and Christians—to radically deconstruct these national myths and challenge common understandings of belonging and alienation," says Stanford University Press on its website.

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Columbia University's Saskia Sassen had this to say about the book:

"In "Twilight Nationalism," Daniel Monterescu and Haim Hazan go far beyond standard narratives about Jaffa, where Jews, Muslims, and Christians have long shared the city. The authors break through the thicket of established notions and give us an alternative description. And they do so brilliantly."