CEU Launches Podcast Library

CEU Podcast Library Managing Editor Dumitrita Holdis presents at the launch.

The CEU Podcast Library is an open, categorized and subscribable hub for original research presented in an audio format. Content is produced by CEU faculty, students and staff. At the launch event, founders and managing editors Ian Cook and Dumitrita Holdis, both of CEU's Center for Media, Data and Society, hosted presentations of podcast content from faculty and students on topics as diverse as Soviet history, by Stephen Westlake, to oral history classes by Professor Andrea Peto, and presented ways to produce and use podcasts in teaching and research.

CEU's Podcast Library is part of the project Sound Relations - Transgressions, Disruptions, Transformations, a two-year long initiative funded by CEU’s Intellectual Themes Initiative (ITI). A key project partner at CEU is the Center for Teaching and Learning, which hosts the podcast studio.