CEU Expresses Solidarity with Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Budapest, June 20, 2018 – Central European University expresses its solidarity with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and its researchers in the face of recent attacks in the press and the government’s new policies relating to scientific research funding. It is vital for the future of academic freedom in Hungary that the Academy conserve its right to govern itself and to allocate resources for research on scientific criteria alone. Since its creation in 1825 at the instigation of Count István Széchenyi, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences has asserted itself as one of the most prestigious institutions dedicated to the promotion of science in the world. No other institution in Hungary has contributed more to the cause of science-based economic and social development. The attacks against the autonomy of the Academy and the attempts to intimidate its researchers are unacceptable and threaten to seriously hinder the capacity of this premier institution to fulfill its mission at the service of the Hungarian people.


COLLEEN SHARKEY | International Media Relations Manager

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