CEU Offers Civic Engagement Opportunities for Volunteers

CEU is an institution committed to active citizenship and is encouraging its community to participate in community engagement programs.  

To help facilitate that you can find useful information about volunteering opportunities on our website and on our Sharepoint site (available for CEU members after logging in).  

Looking for ways to volunteer? Sign up for volunteering opportunities here (for CEU community members) or check out the available volunteer opportunities. Read more about our partners here  

CEU would like to acknowledge Commitment to community engagement by offering awards, based on the level of volunteer hours served, so volunteers can track their civic engagement hours. More details about the system are available on the website here 

Seeking for volunteers? Fill out this online form (for organizations and CEU units).  

Additionally, CEU also provides volunteering opportunities to high-school students to fulfill their community service obligations. Feel free to contact us via communityengagement@ceu.edu.