Rethinking Open Society Lectures Published in CEU Press Volume

The values of the open society—critical inquiry, pluralistic politics, civility in debate—are under attack as never before. In a path-breaking intellectual inquiry over 17 months, key thinkers and scholars came to Central European University to debate the challenges facing the open society and to re-imagine its ideals. Rethinking Open Society: New Adversaries and New Opportunities (CEU Press 2018) brings this extraordinary intellectual effort together in a single volume for the first time.  

This collection, edited by CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff and Research Fellow Stefan Roch, embodies CEU’s continuing  mission—to educate skeptical, passionate and informed citizens.

CONTRIBUTORS: Anne Applebaum • Erica Benner• Dorothee Bohle • Thomas Christiano • Tim Crane • Niall Ferguson • Timothy Garton Ash • Béla Greskovits • Michael Ignatieff • Robert D. Kaplan • János Kis • Ivan Krastev • Mark Lilla • Margaret MacMillan • Jan-Werner Müller • Alina Mungiu-Pippidi • Stefan Roch • Pierre Rosanvallon • Jacques Rupnik • András Sajó • Daniela Schwarzer • Sir Roger Scruton • Stephen M. Walt

The volume can be purchased here. Find out more on the CEU Press website.