InnovationsLab’s Brokerchooser in Forbes

August 7, 2018

CEU InnovationsLab team Brokerchooser was recently interviewed by Forbes magazine. Founders Tibor Bedo and Gergely Korpos talked to the magazine about their original idea for a website that helps people compare and choose brokers for their investments. Since then the idea has turned into an online service with thousands of users and a rapidly growing business.

"It is like Skyscanner or Google Maps, only for finances. You tell us where you are now and where you want to go, and we’ll tell you how you can get there and which route you should take", they told Forbes.

It started as a fruitless google search for a website to compare and contrast brokers, and resulted in Bedo and Korpos leaving their successful careers behind and joining forces. They believed there was a huge demand in the market and could see no one was doing anything like what they had in mind. Their goal was simple, to provide the best international online guide for brokers.

"The market of brokers is one that only insiders know in-depth, and they would hide information so that you feel that this is a very distant and mysterious world. But the truth is, everyone can have a share in Apple or Alibaba", said Gergely Korpos to Forbes.

Their success is such that they have already received two serious buyout offers from abroad, but for now, they have decided to focus on the difficult next steps of scaling their business.

Brokerchooser was the first ‘outsider’ to join the CEU InnovationsLab which previously consisted of only CEU startups. The experience has proven invaluable; enabling growth while keeping costs minimal. Through CEU InnovationsLab they have access to the best talent, the ability to cooperate with the University, and to collaborate with industry experts within academia.

The founders believe the key to success is truly helping people, both by providing valuable content and connecting people to a broker who can perfectly fulfill their individual needs. This attitude has transferred to the CEU InnovationsLab where they have become known for using their experience and background to mentor and nurture other teams.

This is just another successful example of the CEU InnovationsLab’s work to foster a mutually beneficial ‘ecosystem’ between the entrepreneurs themselves and between business and academia.