Refreshing Sweets

August 7, 2018

Luckily in the heat wave, there are several places where CEU students can indulge in some gelato, and it only takes a less than 5-minute walk from CEU to get these sweet treats.


This is without any doubt the best ice cream place in Budapest, and it happens to be very close to CEU, you just have to walk in the direction of Szabadság tér. They’ve probably become known due to their adventurous vegetable ice creams, like the orange-pumpkin or the basil-beetroot gelato, but you can choose between numerous classical flavors as well, if you prefer to stay on the safe side. My suggestion is to try their raspberry-black tea gelato, infused with bergamot oranges and topped with candied pistachios and their peanut butter gelato with soy sauce. Besides ice cream, you can buy cakes, pastry and coffee as well, and they have “winter ice cream” as well during the cold months.

Gelateria Pomo d’Oro

This place is actually even closer to CEU than Damniczki, so visit it after lunch if you have a sweet tooth. They provide classical high-quality Italian gelato, so tasting their pistachio ice cream is a must. You can also try here several Italian desserts, such as setteveli, cannoli or sfogliatella.

Fragola and Levendula

Both Fragola’s and Levendula’s shops can be found at several places in Budapest. The closest Fragola is in Zrínyi utca, whereas the closest Levendula is at Erzsébet tér. Levendula provides very fresh tastes, with lot of fruity options infused with some spice, like their mint-raspberry or basil-lemon gelato.

Anjuna Ice Pops

This place is slightly different, as here you can get ice lollies instead of the classical gelato in a cone. They use natural high-quality ingredients for all their ice pops, so it is not a surprise that they are extremely tasty. They usually combine two or three flavors into one ice lolly. For instance, you can buy blueberry-lavender, chia-raspberry or mango-strawberry ice pops, but the possibilities are endless. If you walk by them when they open at 11 am, you can have a brunch and taste their Acai bowl or Matcha Latte as well.

By Beata Berkovics, student in the Department of Economics and Business