Packing Tips for Incoming Students

August 22, 2018

When you are preparing for a big move, it is probably one of the most exciting moments in your life. But wait, you are coming for CEU as an incoming student and you have to be ready for one or two years’ stay. Living in a foreign country is not as easy as being a tourist. Thus, you should be more careful when packing your luggage. What should you pack before you come to Budapest? I know that your lifestyles and living habits must be different. For me, who have been here for nearly a year, I still regret that I forgot to bring some important things here when I was packing my bags. I would like to give some tips that make your life in CEU more convenient.

  • All the documents for the residence permit

Please check the documents list twice before you leave. You can find a list of the materials you need to prepare on CEU’s website. Make sure you understand everything, otherwise you may get in trouble. If you have any question about this stuff, you should email the student office or other related departments as soon as possible.

  • Your medicines

Although CEU will provide you with health insurance and free treatments in the medical center, you need to bring a small number of your daily medicines if necessary. Just in case that the doctor needs to know your special condition or medical history, your own medicines with an English manual will help her/him a lot.

  • Weather-appropriate clothes

Winter in Budapest is long, rainy, and snowy. In spring, you will find a large temperature difference during a week. However, it is warm in the buildings, so you don’t need to wear too many layers under a thick coat. Umbrellas are very useful here, whenever it snows or rains. Don’t forget to bring some traditional clothes of your nation for the Intercultural Festival.

  • Swimsuits

Take advantage of the swimming pool in the CEU Residence Center! It’s free and quiet. The pool is surrounded by plants like in a small garden. I can always find peace and relax there. In addition, Budapest’s thermal baths are worth experiencing.

  • Seasonings

Different countries have different dietary habits. You may not be used to Hungarian food and feel homesick. At CEU and the dormitory, you can cook for yourself because there is a public kitchen on each floor. Cooking by yourself can save your living expenses, and cooking with your friends is lots of fun! Common kitchenware is easy to buy and share, the only thing you need to bring with you is the special seasonings from your country. 

  • Gifts from your country

CEU is an open society, you will make friends from all over the world here. Everyone will be very interested in your country, your culture, and your stories. But I think the best way to know each other is to exchange gifts from each other’s hometowns. For example, I took some Chinese tea in order to share with the friends I met here. You can choose some portable souvenirs or local food, your future friends will love it.

By   Wenqian Zhang, alumni scholarship recipient student in the Department of HIstory.