CEU MS Finance Students Apply Theory into Practice at Rotman European Trading Competition

Kristina Simonyan, Balazs Kelemen, Katherine Yakimetz, Xian Ken Chen, students from the MS in Finance program, represented CEU at the Rotman European Trading Competition, hosted by LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome, August 23-25.

The competition aims to give students the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to actual markets and allows teams from schools across Europe to participate in a simulated market.

Kristina Simonyan, Balazs Kelemen, Katherine Yakimetz, Xian Ken Chen, students from the MS in Finance program, represented CEU at the Rotman European Trading Competition August 23-25.

Read more about the CEU team’s experiences below:


“This can certainly count as a professional development in the field of finance. We learned how to trade with a software facing different cases such as electricity trading, bond pricing based on news and benchmark interest rates, building and applying credit risk models to identify mispricing opportunities in bond markets, evaluating liquidity risk associated with different tender offers. Apart from this, group work was enhanced, and we really made a great team. We would definitely want to participate again and again should there be a chance to do so!”

Kristina Simonyan (Armenia, MS Finance '18)


“If you are considering employment in the field of finance, then do not hesitate to take part in one of the funniest trading competitions! Four of us had the chance to go to Rome to participate in multiple challenges, including open outcry, risk-free and risky bond trading and even learned how to dump huge amounts of low liquidity stock on the markets. Additionally, mingling with students from other top-tier European schools and representatives of significant financial institutions made this a great event for networking. It is also a great addition to your CV, especially if you made 12 million EUR in a year’s time trading risk-free bonds with a starting endowment of 10 million EUR, a return of 120%!“

Balazs Kelemen (Hungary, MS Finance '18)


“The Rotman Trading Competition was one of my favorite events over the past year. Getting to actively participate and interact with 39 teams from different countries in Europe in one of the most beautiful cities was an amazing experience, and one that I would gladly compete in again. RETC was impeccably organized and showed the importance of teamwork and preparation, while simultaneously introducing us to a mini version of real-life trading. I highly recommend this competition to anyone interested in trading, networking with numerous other students, academics, and professional representatives from the sponsors.” 

Katherine Yakimetz (Canada, MS Finance '18)


“The RETC competition cases mimic real market dynamics. Each team plays both roles of reacting to the market dynamics and actively influencing the market. It was a great experience of applying what we learned at school to RETC. Rome is a wonderful city worth exploring as well. The time I spent in Rome and RETC is absolutely valuable.”

Xian Ken Chen (China, MS Finance '18)