CEU Responds to Hungarian Foreign Minister’s Statement Regarding Draft Agreement, CEU Activities in U.S.

Budapest, September 13, 2018 -- Central European University (CEU) responds to statements by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto yesterday regarding CEU’s educational activities in the U.S., and the draft agreement regarding CEU that is awaiting signature.

As CEU and other sources have announced, the New York State Education Department has formally reported to the Hungarian government that CEU conducts educational activities in the State of New York registered with the NYSED. The text of a letter confirming this was made public in June 2018. CEU’s expansion of these activities were reported by the NYSED to Hungarian officials in August, indicated here. As has also been announced, top Hungarian officials visited CEU's New York facilities in April 2018, led by then-State Secretary for Education Laszlo Palkovics and Deputy State Secretary Kristof Altusz.

Separately, Altusz indicated to the Hungarian government's counterpart in the State of New York already in fall 2017 that the draft agreement between the two entities regarding CEU was complete and that the Hungarian government did not wish to make any further changes to the text. CEU has repeatedly called on the Hungarian government to sign the agreement in order to ensure the university's future in Budapest, including its U.S.-accredited degree programs, which are an essential part of our institution.

In response to Peter Szijjarto’s indications that CEU enjoyed or requests 'privileges,' CEU reiterates that it has always conformed to Hungarian law, and currently fulfils the requirements of the Hungarian legislation on higher education passed in spring 2017.

CEU remains available at any time to discuss these matters with representatives of the Hungarian government and to secure a solution that enables CEU to remain in Budapest.