600 Visitors at CEU During the European Heritage Days

The number of visitors at CEU during the European Heritage Days held on September 15 and 16 more than doubled compared to last year, with our youngest and most active audience so far.

CEU joined the Cultural Heritage Days for the sixth time in 2018 to showcase its built heritage to the broader community as well as the CEU community. CEU originally advertised eight guided tours in English and in Hungarian, three concerts, an exhibition, and an urban game, but due to the high turnout twice as many guided tours had to be started.

This year CEU’s Cultural Heritage Studies Program launched a social media campaign to broaden the audience with younger visitors. It was not only successful in attracting more teenagers and younger families, but complemented with an in-house campaign it drew more of CEU’s student body, faculty and staff to the tours.

In addition, students of the Cultural Heritage Studies MA Program of ELTE visited our program as a study trip, which may become a basis for further cooperation. Students of the Cultural Heritage Studies Program contributed to the programs as a part of their practical education.