CEU's Announcement Widely Covered in Domestic and International Media

CEU’s announcement of October 25, 2018, that it will move all US degree programs to Vienna, effective December 1, 2018, if there is no solution enabling it to give such degrees in Budapest, was widely covered in domestic and international media.

CEU's leadership also gave interviews about CEU's situation to major Hungarian television channels.  President and Rector Michael Ignatieff was the guest of acclaimed Hungarian journalist Gyorgy Balo on RTL KLUB’s evening discussion program entitled „Magyarul Balóval.” The entire interview can be streamed online in English at THIS LINK.

Pro-Rector for Hungarian Affairs Zsolt Enyedi gave an interview to ATV’s „Egyenes beszéd” evening discussion program.

Eva Fodor, Pro-Rector for Social Sciences and Humanities was also a guest of ATV, where she discussed the current state of CEU in the TV’s morning program.

Other major media outlets covering CEU's Press Conference include:

The New York Times


Reuters report - covered by the Globe and Mail, Daily Telegraph etc.

The Washington Post


The Guardian

Associated Press, published widely in US News and World Report

Die Presse

Der Standard

Die Zeit

The Huffington Post