CEU Booking System Updates

December 13, 2018

The old room booking system at booking.ceu.edu is no longer in operation. The address now takes users to the new booking system. 

Read on for further updates: 

   - The catering area in front of the Faculty Tower Auditorium is available in the booking system as „FT Catering area ground floor”

-  One part of the Front Office can also be booked for registration purposes, it is in the system as „N15 Registration space @ FO” – (when booking it, users can also add a request for a laptop if needed for registering)

- Space next to the Auditorium B entrance can also be booked (for registration purposes or as info desk) as „Info/Reg Area at B Auditorium” (when booking it users may want to add a table with some chairs)

- Time limit had been reduced from 24 to 18 hours in case of new bookings (users need to enter a booking at least 18 hours before the booking occurrence)

- In case of Open to the Public event in N15 building,  use “Suspend Card Lock” available among BMG equipment – so no CEU card would be needed to access the room.

- Do not request an extra laptop if there is a smartboard or a laptop in the room by default

- When requesting classroom arrangement please set the time for the actual duration when classroom arrangement is needed instead of the duration of the entire booking – by leaving it for the entire duration of the booking this service will not be available for those who would actually need it.

- The time format is 0-24

For comments, check the excel sheet to see if that issue has already been communicated/processed, and if not, share your feedback.