Barabasi’s Joint Research on Nature's Cover

Albert-Laszlo Barabasi’s joint research with Nima Dehmamy and Soodabeh Milanlouei was published in Nature's November 29 issue and featured on its cover. Barabasi is a Visiting Professor at CEU's Department of Network and Data Science.

“Each week Nature publishes a few dozen major discoveries – so it is a real honor to be selected to be on the journal's cover,” Barabasi said to

“Physical networks, like the wiring of a brain, or fungal networks, and even cables in a computer, are special in the sense that the links have physical existence, hence they cannot cross each other. This limits how these networks organize themselves in space. Most of our knowledge of network layouts and organization is limited to non-physical networks – here we aimed to fill in this hole. For me it was equally fascinating that this research offered us the opportunity to 3D print networks, which opened a new way to experience the structure and interconnections of networks. It fundamentally changes the way we can interact with the data captured by a network,” Barabasi said about the research.

The paper is available at