#MyCEU with Janos Kertesz

"One of the most attractive features of CEU is its openness. It is committed to the ideal of the open society, it is open to students coming from all around the world and it is open to new ideas and directions in science. It is not by accident that the first network science PhD program in Europe was launched at CEU and our department is worldwide the first having network science in its name. I am fascinated by the inspiring environment at this university. Earlier I worked at much larger institutions and I like that there are fewer formalities, the ease of communication and the openness (again: openness!) of the different departments for collaborations. The latter is crucial for us network scientists as interdisciplinarity is our very nature. I enjoy working with our students, a colorful community with very different backgrounds from psychologists through sociologists to mathematicians – a real challenge for a teacher but worth the effort."
Janos Kertesz is Professor in and Head of the CEU Department of Network and Data Science.

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